The 5 Metals

The 5 Metals Ring - Smooth“You shell take of the five metals: gold, silver, copper, tin and lead and make a ring out of them on Saturday night after the new moon. You must finalize your work before the call of the rooster, wear it and you will see wonders”..

קח לך חמישה מיני מתכות ואלו הן: כסף, זהב, עופרת, נחושת, ובדיל ועשה לך טבעת אחת בליל מוצאי שבת בתוספת הלבנה, ויהיה גמר מלאכתם קודם שיקרא התרנגול, שא עלייך וראה פלאות”… רמב”ם

What is the story behind the 5 Metals Jewelry?
750 years ago when these rings were encrypted with special meanings they were handed over to the people by the holy sages and told to wear them depending on what luck they needed. Today this luck can also be given by wearing a ring that suits the needs of its owner.

How is the 5 metals jewelry created?
In the ancient texts it is written that each ring must be created on the first day of the month, when Jupiter projects to the moon, as written in the ancient texts.

The 5 Metals Ring - Protection Against the Evil EyeDepending on which ring is worn by it’s owner it’ll protect him/her according to the ancient Kabbalistic texts say. There are 5 rings that are written down in history as sources of energy to bring to their owners.

Which Kabbalah Jewelry is best for me?
Kabbalah jewelry can be encoded with different meanings: protection against the Evil Eye and bad spirits, blessings for prosperity, good health, uncoditional love, intimacy and companionship, for fertility, and more. Choosing a Kabbalah jewelry is a highly individual process, and should correspond to the wearer’s wishes.

The 5 Metals Pendant - The Torus KnotImportant: According to the Kabbalah, our bodies contain energy fields which correspond to the metal elements, but each person has unique energy fields therefore, the influence of the ring varies from person to person and is not transferable from one to another. You do not have to wear the ring on your finger – it can be carried on you in any shape as the writing says: “wear it and you will see wonders.”
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